Overview of Small Business Phone Systems

Telephones are one of the oldest inventions of mankind. The first telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell which had a wire connected to it for transmitting the telephone signal with the help of a cable. It was considered to be one of the modern inventions of that time as people could now talk to each other irrespective of the distance between them and there was an alternative for writing letters. After that a small, portable and compact device made its way into our lives and it was called as the cell phone or mobile phone. Since then there has been absolutely no looking back and the changes are there for everyone to see.
Mobile phones have proved to be a boon for the mankind. Earlier phones were used for personal purposes and very few commercial organizations made use of telephones or mobile phones for that matter.
So what is a business phone?
Business phones are nothing but a series of telephones connected by multiple lines and are typically used in a business environment which can be accessed by all the Panasonic Telephone System UAE or stations in the network. Phone business was typically classified into key systems, hybrid systems and private branch exchanges. Out of these systems private branch exchange is preferred the most as the telephone lineage is centrally connected to all other phones in the network. Another advantage is that dialed calls are routed correctly and directly to the destination.
The electronic shared control system was one of the successful turnaround in phone for business as it eliminated the wire cabling system and the features of PBX and hybrid key system were merged together. This new office Telephone System Oman encompassed a vast number of features such as:
o             Accounting of automatic call
o             Caller ID
o             Speed Dialing
o             Supervision of the entire system
o             Station specific limitations
o             Signaling sounds
These systems are user- friendly as they can be simply modified by telephone software allowing easy customization in the system. For majority of the business requirements there is Private Automatic Branch Exchange which includes all the private telephones within an organization, fax machines, printers and modems that are connected to the public switched telephone network. The individual telephone lines are then connected via extension lines/ numbers to the main network.  Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hX5ehx-peUA to gain more details about telephone system.
These days a lot of companies have started offering their own telephone communications to businesses ranging from small to large. They have their own Private Automatic Exchange from where thousands of extensions can be configured allowing access from multiple locations through a centralized system.
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